Cost of Attendance



The 2024-2025 Cost of Attendance below is used to determine eligibility for federal funding. Students may not receive funding more than their total Cost of Attendance. The Cost of Attendance includes both Direct Costs and Indirect Costs. The Direct Costs are those cost items billed directly to the student’s account, such as tuition and fees. The Indirect Costs are those cost items not billed directly to the student’s account; however, these amounts are estimates of expenses that a student may have while attending NAU and may be included when determining financial aid eligibility. Students should be aware that student loan borrowing may be limited by annual student loan limits, aggregate loan limits and/or federal need.

NAU encourages the use of grant aid first and supplemented with self-help aid in the form of educational loan programs. This philosophy should reduce the student loan burden and possible default of federal student loans. In addition, NAU encourages all students to borrow for expected Direct Costs only. For more information, see Federal Financial Aid.

The Cost of Attendance example below, reflects the estimated costs for an incoming undergraduate first-year student who plans to attend part-time. In general, NAU undergraduate students do not attend full-time. Cost of Attendance varies by program, degree level and tuition rates.

2024-2025 Academic Year (Fall, Winter, Spring)
Direct Billed Costs Living Off Campus Living with Parent
Tuition $10,260 $10,260
Resource Material Fees $300 $300
Technology Fees $600 $600
Matriculation Fee $75 $75
Total Direct Costs $10,935 $10,935
Indirect Costs Living Off Campus Living with Parent
Living Expenses (Food & Housing) $14,400 $3,006
Transportation $2,538 $2,538
Misc. Personal Expenses $1,449 $1,449
Federal Student Loan Fees (Estimated) $98 $58
Additional Allowance(s) * *
Total Indirect Costs $18,485 $7,051
TOTAL (Direct + Indirect) Cost of Attendance $29,720 $18,286