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Opportunities for Corporate and 365体育官网al Institutions to Collaborate with NAU for Innovative Learning

At National American University, our mission is to provide innovative learning experiences in a caring and supportive environment for individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and abilities, preparing them for success in competitive technical and professional fields. In support of our mission, we actively seek partnerships with national and international educational institutions and businesses that share our vision for innovation and excellence in education. Together, we can explore a range of collaborative initiatives, including:

  • Dual or Double Degree Programs: Partner with NAU to offer comprehensive dual or double degree programs that provide students with a competitive edge in the job market.
  • “Top-Up” Transfer Programs: Seamlessly transfer credits from previous educational experiences to NAU’s programs through our “top-up” transfer programs, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing educational opportunities.
  • Articulation and Credit Transfer Agreements: Establish articulation and credit transfer agreements with NAU to facilitate the seamless transfer of credits and recognition of prior learning.
  • Faculty and Staff Degree Advancement: Support the professional growth of your faculty and staff by partnering with NAU to provide opportunities for advancing their education through master’s or terminal degree programs.
  • Corporate Cohort Training and Development: Enhance the skills and capabilities of your workforce through customized cohort training and development programs designed in collaboration with NAU.

These partnerships offer many benefits, from expanding academic offerings to enhancing employee skills and advancing organizational goals.

If you or your organization are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with NAU, we invite you to reach out to us using the form below or contact our Academic Partnership Team directly via email. Let’s embark on a journey of educational innovation.

These schools have teamed up with NAU to offer online degree programs with special benefits.

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