Aviation Management Online Bachelor’s Degree



The Aviation Management online bachelor’s degree from National American University’s College of Undergraduate Studies integrates management and fundamental business principles into the aviation industry. This degree prepares graduates for a career in the aviation field related to management for airlines, aerospace/aviation companies, and state, local, and federal government agencies.

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Online Aviation Management Degree Overview

The online Aviation Management program gives you the background you need for business and management roles in the aviation field.

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Critically analyze concepts in the principal areas of aviation management to guide organizational decision-making.
  • Leverage current business technologies in support of organizational continuity.
  • Demonstrate the leadership skills required to achieve strategic aviation management objectives.
  • Demonstrate appropriate ethical perspectives in a globally diverse business environment.
  • Proficiently communicate across multiple stakeholder groups.
  • Productively collaborate with multiple stakeholder groups.

Online Aviation Management Classes and Curriculum

The online Aviation Management bachelor’s program consists of 180 total credits. You take aviation management core courses, general education core courses, and open electives. In addition, you must satisfy technical specialty core requirements through professional pilot training or another approved aviation sub-specialty.

All academic courses are 100% online and subject to minimum class size requirements.

Major Core

45 credits

Support Core

18 credits

General 365体育官网

57 credits

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.

Online Aviation Management Prerequisites

Prior to enrollment, you must complete a professional pilot training program and share verification. As an alternative, you can demonstrate completion of prior education or training in an approved sub-specialty. Examples of sub-specialties are FAA Certifications in Power Plant and Airframe and Avionics and military training in aviation.

Online Aviation Management Tuition and Fees

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Online Aviation Management Degree Career Outcomes

The online Aviation Management program prepares you for careers in the aviation field related to management for airlines, aerospace/aviation companies, and government agencies.

With a bachelor’s degree in aviation management, career options include:

  • Airline manager
  • Airport security manager
  • Air traffic controller
  • Airline systems management
  • Freight and cargo management

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Aviation Management Program?

  • Current pilots: If you’re a pilot who wants to move into a management position at an airline or airport, the aviation management program is right for you. You already have the pilot training requirements and experience.
  • Active military or veterans: As an active military or veteran of the Air Force, you have the skills and experiences to pursue an undergraduate degree in aviation management. Learn more about our military benefits and tuition.

Course Listing (180 Credits)

AM3000? ? ?Air Carrier Operations

AM3005? ? ?Aviation Marketing Management

AM3010? ? ?Aviation Law

AM3015? ? ?Aviation Safety Programs

AM4000? ? ?Crew Resource Management I

AM4005? ? ?Crew Resource Management II

AM4010? ? ?Air Transportation System

AM4015? ? ?Airport Security

AM4020? ? ?Airport Planning

AM4040? ? ?Aviation Capstone Course

AC2760? ? ?Financial Accounting for Managers

MT1050? ? ?Introduction to Business

MT2050? ? ?Principles of Management

MT4300? ? ?Management Across Cultures

Professional pilot training or another approved aviation subspecialty. If fewer than 51 credits are awarded for specialty core courses, open elective courses may be taken to make up the difference.


EN1150? ? ?Composition I


SC Science Elective


HU2000???? Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Behavioral/Social Science

Behavioral/Social Science Elective

General 365体育官网

General 365体育官网 Elective


EN1300? ? ?Composition II

EN2100? ? ?Speech OR
EN2150? ? ?Interpersonal Professional Communication

EN3050? ? ?Technical Communications


MA2000? ? ?Quantitative Reasoning

MA3000? ? ?Business Statistics

Behavioral/Social Science

EC2050? ? ?Macroeconomics

EC2100? ? ?Microeconomics

General 365体育官网

CS2080? ? ?Career Management

Prerequisite Course (if applicable)

CS1201???? Juggling College, Life, and Career:? Set Up for Success! OR
CS1203???? Bridge to Success: Creating Your Future at NAU

CS1301???? Do the Numbers! Achieving College and Career Success


Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.